Dmitrijs Sumarokovs „Cafe Europe” / Cafe Europe.

Dmitrijs Sumarokovs is a poet, prose writer, translator, and journalist who was born in Riga in 1967. He has led a number of cultural projects, including projects in cooperation with UNESCO. He is a former editor of the almanac Avanport (2000-2007), the journal Daugava (2007, together with Andrejs Ļevkins), and has been a guest editor for the journal Reflect... Куадусешщт (2009, Chicago). He has published his work in anthologies, poetry collections and literary journals in Latvia, Russia, the US, the UK, Italy, Israel, Estonia, Kazakhstan, and Japan. Sumarokovs’s poems have been translated into Latvian, English, Italian, Estonian, Japanese and Evenki. Sumarokov has translated books from English, Arabic and Latvian.