Dmitrijs Sumarokovs „Cafe Europe” / Cafe Europe.

Dmitrijs Sumarokovs is a poet, prose writer, translator, and journalist who was born in Riga in 1967. He has led a number of cultural projects, including projects in cooperation with UNESCO. He is a former editor of the almanac Avanport (2000-2007), the journal Daugava (2007, together with Andrejs Ļevkins), and has been a guest editor for the journal Reflect... Куадусешщт (2009, Chicago). He has published his work in anthologies, poetry collections and literary journals in Latvia, Russia, the US, the UK, Italy, Israel, Estonia, Kazakhstan, and Japan. Sumarokovs’s poems have been translated into Latvian, English, Italian, Estonian, Japanese and Evenki. Sumarokov has translated books from English, Arabic and Latvian.

Ieva Rupenheite - "Nepāriet" / It’s Not Passing

Ieva Rupenheite (1969) was born and raised in Riga, graduating from the Latvian Academy of Art. Since 2002 she has worked in the Ventspils Museum and lives in Sārnate. Her first poetry collection entitled Vajadzīgo pasvītrot (Highlighting the Necessary was published by Neputns Publishers in 2001. Her second poetry collection entitled Melnas krelles (Black Beads, 2007) also published by Neputns led to her being nominated for the Poetry Days Prize and the Literature Prize of the Year. Nepāriet (It’s Not Passing) is her third poetry colletion. There has been a seven-year interval between each of her three collections.

Inese Zandere „Putna miegā” / In a Bird’s Slumber

The Latvian poet Inese Zandere has published 4 collections of poems and more than 20 collections of poems and fairytale books for children. As Pēteris Bankovskis, a Latvian cultural critic, writes of her work: “Zandere’s poetry belongs to the aesthetics of New Simplicity: she uses refined and deliberate means to create the effect of ostensible simplicity and very direct emotional appeal.”
Born in Dobele in 1958, Zandere graduated from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Latvia in 1981. She worked as an editor of the Avots Publishing House and Diena daily newspaper, as well as the editor of a children’s newspaper from 1987 to 1992. She is one of the founding editors of Rīgas Laiks magazine who has been at the center of Latvia’s intellectual life since its first issue in 1993. In 2004 Inese Zandere founded Liels un Mazs (Big and Small), which is a publishing house for children’s literature. She has been a member of the Latvian Writers Union since 1988, and the International PEN Club since 1989.
Her books of poems Melnās čūskas maiznīca (Black Serpent’s Bakery, 2003) and Putna miegā (In a Bird’s Slumber, 2014) were met with universal acclaim from both critics and the public, and were awarded numerous prizes for poetry. Her poetry has been translated in English, Russian, Swedish, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Finnish and Czech. In addition, Zandere also writes short prose and essays.
The author is an active member of IBBY Latvia and eager participant in the reading promotion programme. The vivid detail, benevolent humor and playfulness so characteristic of Zandere’s poetry has helped several generations of Latvian children discover the joy of reading. Her award-winning collection of children’s poetry Iekšiņa un āriņa (Inside and Outside, 2002) became an instant bestseller and is in its fifth print run. In 2006 – 2014 experts of IBBY Latvia nominated a number of books by Zandere for the International Baltic Sea Region Jānis Balvilks Prize in Childrens Literature and Book Art; the Baltvilks Award went to her for her books Māsa un brālis (Sister and Brother) and Ja tu esi sivēns (If You Happen to Be a Little Pig, 2007). Four of Zandere’s books have been included on the IBBY List of Honour.
Her poems, fairy tales, plays, scripts and librettos have been turned into theatre productions and animated films. They have also come out as audio books. Numerous composers have been inspired by her work and composed songs based on her poems. Inese Zandere received a Ministry of Culture Award for her contribution to the development of children’s literature (2007) as well as the Latvian Order of the Three Stars in 2008, which is the highest state award of the Republic of Latvia.

Uldis Bērziņš - „Izšūpojušies. Bibliotēka ostmalā” / A Library on the Levee

Uldis Bērziņš is a poet and translator. He was born in Riga in 1944. He studied Latvian philology at the University of Latvia (1962-64). His first poems were published in1963, while his first collection of poetry was published in 1980. He studied Turkish at the Oriental Studies Department of Leningrad University (1968-1971), expanding his knowledge of languages in the Asian and African Studies section of Moscow State University (Persian and Turkish), at Tashkent State University (Uzbek), Reykjavik University (Icelandic), as well as in Czechoslovakia, Sweden and elsewhere. He participated in an international seminar on translating Bible at Amsterdam Open University. He has also done fieldwork in the Theology Department of Lunda University on questions regarding the translation of the Koran. Since 2002 he has taught Turkish at the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Latvia. Bērziņš translates and renders from Slavic, Semitic, Turkish, Iranian, German and other languages, and is regarded as one of the most significant contemporary translators into Latvian, influencing numerous poets in both writing poetry and translating. Bērziņš has been a member of the Text Committee of the Latvian Bible Union, and is an honorary member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (1992). He has been decorated with the Three Star Order (1995), received the Zinaida Lazda Award (1994), the Baltic Assembly Award (1995) and the Spidola Award (2000). In 2009, Bērziņš received the Days of Poetry Prize for his poetry translations. The same year, he was awarded the annual Literature Prize for his collection of poems entitled Saruna ar pastnieku (A Conversation with a Postman).