Daina Tabūna - „Pirmā reize” / The First Time

How can you get ready for life as an adult if you always have to experience new and undiscovered things? The protagonists of Daina Tabūna’s short stories deserve praise for their struggles, however life always has some sort of surprise in store for you, and suddenly nothing is like it was before.

Daina Tabūna was born in Riga in 1985. She is a graduate of the Latvian Academy of Culture, She has previously worked in television, advertising, as well as the opera and theatre. Since 2000 she has had short stories published in numerous literary journals and publications, including Luna, Karogs, Kultūras forums, Kultūras diena, and Latvju teksti and the internet portal Satori. In addition she has participated in the annual Prose Readings Festival and Young Authors seminars. 2014 saw the publication of her first short story collection entitled Pirmā reize (The First Time).

Ilze Sperga - „Dzeiveiba” / Life

Ilze Sperga’s debut short story collection Dzeiveiba (Life) features nine stories in Latgalian, parts of which have been previously published online. Recognised as one of the best Latgalian prose writers today, she is a past winner of the Boņuks Award, which is an annual award for achievements in Latgalian culture, music and literature. In 2014 she garnered a Boņuks Award for best achievement in literature for Life. When asked about Life, the book’s editor, Anna Rancāne said that “There is a small people that lives in Ilze Sperga’s stories. A people that have already been written about in the Holy Scriptures that God will reveal the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven to them, and where the only concern that should is exist is for those who try to harm the small people. At times while reading there is a weightiness that emerges from this biting material from life, however the book’s title is Life and that bears witness to the fact that in the end everything will then turn towards the light. These are strong stories of a strong Latgale.”

Ilze Sperga was born in Varaklani, grew up and went to school in Vilani. She studied at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Latvia and graduated with a Ph.D. in philology. She writes mostly in Latgalian.

Katrīna Rudzīte - „Saulesizplūdums” / Blur of the Sun

Katrīna Rudzīte (1993) previously known as Katrīna Kuduma, has had her poems published in the online portal Satori, literary magazine Karogs and in the newspapers Kultūras Forums and Kultūras Diena. She has participated in the Young Authors Seminar and Prose Workshop led by the Literary Academy.