Ieva Melgalve - „Bulta, Zvaigzne un Laī” / Arrow, Star and Laee

Castor's plans are simple: he wants to have a good, strong name and become one of the tribe's hunters. But when his friend Pelle gets exiled from the tribe, Castor cannot let her go alone. Unexpectedly they are joined by Neena, the daughter of the tribe's witch. And now the journey begin – a journey to the faraway elf lands governed by the rules of a world of wizards. It’s a journey that reveals secrets that are kept by both elves and humans.
Written for young adults, the novel addresses the discovery of one’s own true nature, the expectations and demands of society, the many layers of anger and betrayal, and, above all, the complex and miraculous growth of friendship.

Ieva Melgalve (1981) is a science fiction and fantasy writer that has taken on influences from various literary and experimental genres. Her first short story and play collection Bezzaudējumu punkts (The Point of No Losses) was published in 1999. In 2013 she self-published the science fiction Necilvēki (Inhumanity) was self-published, while in 2014 her fantasy novel "Mirušie nepiedod" (The Dead Don't Forgive) was published and subsequently nominated for The Annual Latvian Literary Award. Her book Bulta, Zvaigzne un Laī (Arrow, Star and Laee) was published in 2014.

Ieva Samauska - „Oliņš Boliņš sēž uz soliņa” / Humpty Dumpty Sits on a Bench

Ieva Samauska was born in the town of Saldus in 1969. She studied journalism at the University of Latvia. She has worked in periodical press for various magazines. For the last 10 years she has worked for the weekly women’s magazine Ieva, which has published many of her stories. Her first book Starp diviem sirdspukstiem (Between Two Heartbeats) was published by Arka in 2004. She has garnered several literary prizes and been nominated for numerous others. In 2014 she published three books: Govs uz bagāžnieka (The Cow on the Luggage Carrier) by Pētergailis Publishers, Oliņš Boliņš sēž uz soliņa (Humpty Dumpty Sits on a Bench) by Zvaigzne ABC and Ķiķināšanas gadalaiks (The Season of the Giggles) by Lietusdārzs Publishers.

Inga Gaile - „Vai otrā grupa mani dzird?” / Can the Back Row Hear Me?

Inga Gaile is a poet, playwright and director. She is the author of four poetry collections and one collection of children's poetry. She has also written two plays that are currently being shown in two independent theaters in Latvia. She is currently writing her first book of prose, which will be published within the series We. Latvia. The 20th Century.

Māris Rungulis - "Lapsu kalniņa mīklas" / The Riddle of Fox Hill

It is the first book in Latvian children’s literature that tells the story of the Latvian partisans that continued to fight after the Second World War. The book’s plot is set in 1961 during the Soviet period. Rungulis took advantage of an extensive amount of documental material, as well as precise descriptions of the plans of the underground bunkers of the partisans, along with other material dealing with survival.

Māris Rungulis (1950) was born in Liepāja. He graduated from the Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Latvia. After his studies he worked at children’s publications, one of which being the magazine Zīlīte. In 1991 he created his own magazine for children entitled Ezis, of which he was the editor until 2003 until the untimely death of Jānis Baltvilks, who was the chief editor of Zīlīte. Rungulis took over editorial duties of Zīlīte until 2013 when he began to reshape the magazine into its present form as a magazine for children about nature and his own experiences in nature. In addition to this, Rungulis has also written and published numerous books for children and young adults.